Trophy Rules


The point system is following the rider, and it will always be the highest score that will count and only in one class per show (if you ex obtain points in Sponsor cup and Grand Prix at the same show).

Trophy is a through-going competition, with prizes consisting of gifts. The rider has to compete in at least 3 shows. In 2023 the rider only has to compete in 2 shows!!!!

Points for winning the Baltic Cup Trophy, will be allocated at each show as follows:

The athletes will obtain points after the result in Grand Prix as follows:

  • No. 1 in the Grand Prix will obtain: 100 points for winning.
  • No. 2 in the Grand Prix will obtain: 100 points – 7 points: 93 points.
  • No.3 in the Grand Prix will obtain: 93 points – 6 points: 87 points.
  • No. 4 in the Grand Prix will obtain: 87 points – 5 points: 82 points.
  • No.5 in the Grand Prix will obtain: 82 – 4 points: 78 points.
  • No. 6 in the Grand Prix will obtain: 78  – 3 points: 75 points.
  • No. 7 in the Grand Prix will obtain 75 points – 2 points: 73 points.
  • No 8 in the Grand Prix will obtain: 73-1 points: 72 points.

Then it will drop with 1 points etc. Only athletes that complete the class will receive points. If an athlete competes on more that one horse in the Grand Prix, the athlete has to choose which horse will receive trophy points when the athlete enters the class at the secretary.

The athlete will obtain points after the result in the Sponsor Cup as follows:
The winning athlete of the Sponsor Cup will obtain points as the last athlete in The Grand Prix plus 0 points. (Eg. 70 points + 0 =70 points) The following points are calculated the same way as in the Grand Prix. EG. If the last athlete in the GP gets 70 points,

  • No. 1 will get 70 points
  • No. 2 will get (70 – 7) 63 points
  • No. 3 will get (63 – 6) 57 point
  • No. 4 will get (57 – 5) 52 points
  • No. 5 will get (52 – 4) 48 points
  • No. 6 will get (52 – 3) 49 points
  • No. 7 will get (49 – 2) 47 points and so on

The first 10 athletes will obtain points. All other in the Sponsor will get “0” points. Only athletes that complete the class will receive points.

The winners of each category of the Trophy, will be the athletes, who after the last final, have the highest score, obtained in the Sponsor Cup and/or Grand Prix out of 4-5 shows calculated on the 3 best scores obtained at the 4- 5 shows. Please note that in 2023 no riders will optain bonus points!!!

If an athlete complete the Grand Prix or the Sponsor Cup at 4 or 5 shows they will receive 10 or 5 Bonus points in the competetions that is not couting in the three best scores. These points will be added to the top 3 results.

If the rider has competed in 5 events during the year and has completed the class, the rider will take the 3 best score AND be awarded with 2×10 point from the last two events the riders has participated in. IN THE FINAL IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN “BONUS POINT”

In the last show in the Final a coefficient of 1.2 is multiplied to all obtained points. If, in the end, more than 1 athlete is equal for a winning placing, the athlete who is best placed in the Final is the winner.In case of equal points of two athletes after the final, the best athlete in the final will get an extra 0.1 points. In case of equal points during the year (the leading rider). The rider with the best result at the previous/last show will ride with the yellow saddle pad.