Amendments kat 2 & 3 and schedules



Riders Cup, DEN  16.01.20-19.01.2020  
PONIES KAT II (C) & KAT III (B) (140 cm & 130 cm) Schedule for Baltic Cup Qualification 2020 
Organiser: Riders Cup,  Place: Tybjergvej 14, 4160 Herlufmagle Country: Denmark E-mail: Website: 
GENERAL INFORMATION Ponies participation under the amendment will not have to present FEI passport and will not be registered as participating in an international event. Vaccination according to the rules of the nationality of the pony. The judgment in any circumstances and in any matters will be according to the FEI rules mentioned in the main Schedule for this International event. 
GENERAL CONDITIONS The national categorization of ponies, high below 140 cm and 130 cm, participating in the Riders riding one of the ponies below 140 cm or 130 cm have to follow the laid down rules for ages approved by their NF. For all riders riding the pony up to 148 cm have to follow FEI rules for permission to start laid down in Annex XV Special Regulations for Pony Riders. 

Safetyvest is to be worn every time you have mounted a horse for all participants. 

Fei- approved helmet shall be worn at vet-check. 
 I. INVITATIONS (Art. 115, 250, 251,1)
 Each NF ponies and horses as follows: 
Pony cat III  130 Denmark 20 Sweden 12 Norway 4 Finland  4 Germany 4 Holland 4
Pony Cat. II, 140 cm Denmark 20  Sweden16  Norway 16 Finland16 Germany 4 Holland 4

Ponies  An athlete can start up to 4 ponies: 2 Cat II and 2 Cat III 2 Cat III and 2 Cat 
 I The athlete can also combine with horse/pony Cat.I 2 Horse and 2 Cat. II 2 Cat. I and 2  Horse   
 e.g. An athlete is only allowed to start 3 ponies or horses in one category.

A pony /horse can only start once per day. In addition to above the Baltic Cup Committee can invite up to 12 athletes by personal invitation. It does not mean athletes will be allowed to start more than specified above. After nominated entry and after definite entry OC will distribute invitations by their own choice, if any. NF’s who have a wish for more invitations than provided above please make a note in the nominated entry, and OC will try to satisfy the demands. 
Deadlines for Entries: Definite Entries: 

10.01.2020 Last date for substitutions:  16.01.2020 

Entry fee per pony DKK 2.550,- 
Electricity (upon request) DKK 750,- Manure disposal DKK 295,- Camping DKK 500,- Hay DKK  Straw DKK Not available Shavings DKK 100, per bale   Stabling extra nights DKK  250,- per night Stabling is free of charge from 15.01-19.01.20.  

Payment EUR: IBAN DK 7798194578308038 – BIC/SWIFT SPNODK22 Payment SEK/NOK: IBAN DK7398194575029219 BIC/SWIFT SPNODK22 Payment DKK: REG.NR. 9819, KONTO 4575029219     
Please note that if you use foreign credit cards in the show office you will be charged a handling fee for foreign credit cards up to 5,5 % and Danish credit cards 1,75%.  
It is possible to pay in advance, however not later than 14.01.2020 – please bring a copy of your transfer and ensure that you specify the athletes name on the transfer. 
“NB: Withdrawals or no-shows after the date of definite entries will be held liable to reimburse the OC for the actual financial loss incurred by the OC (i.e. stabling and hotel expenses) as a result of the late withdrawal or no-show. The amount to be charged will be DKK 1.500,- per pony“ 

VETERINARY ASPECTS “A” Ponies categorized under heights below 140 cm and 130 cm participating in the show competition can participate under the individual NF’s rules for vaccination as long as they are presenting an official vaccination card, showing the day of vaccination and the name of the treating vet. The ponies below 140 cm and 130 cm do not show for Vet check in Denmark. 

Friday, 17.01.2020 Small tour  Cat 3/130 cm kl. 08.00. Small tour Cat 2/140 cm kl. 08.30.  Big tour Cat 3/130 cm 90 cm/Qual kl. 13.30 Big tour Cat 2/140 cm Big tour/Qual kl. 15.00 

Saturday, 18.01.2020 Small tour Cat 3/130 cm kl.10.00. Small tour Cat 2/140 cm kl. 10.30. Big tour Cat 3/130 cm kl. 15.15. Cat 2/140 cm Team Comp/Qual kl.16.45 

Sunday, 19.01.2020 Small tour/Sponsor cup Cat 3/130 cm kl. 8. Small tour/Sponsor cup Cat 2/140 cm kl. 9.  Big tour/Grand Prix´cat 3/130 cm kl. 11.30. Big tour/Grand Prix  cat 2/140 cm kl. 13.00.             
COMPETITIONS PRIZES: Prizes will be paid according to the Fei-rules after 1. february 2020. 
All prize money will be paid in DKK 
Class No. Art. Prize money Amendment Cat. II (C) & Cat. III (B), 140 & 130 cm  

Friday, 17.01.2020

Small tour  Pony Cat 3 85 cm, 325 m/min  Art. 274.2.5 DKK2.900 
Small tour: Pony Cat 2100 cm, 325 m/min. Art. 274.2.5 DKK 2.900

Big tour: Pony Cat 3 90 cm, 325 m/min  Art. 274.2.5 DKK 2.900

Big tour: Pony Cat 2 110 cm, 325 m/min 274.2.5 DKK 2.900 
Saturday 18.01.2020

Small tour Pony Cat 3 90 cm 325 m/min Art. 238.2.1 DKK 2.900

Small tour Pony cat 2 105 cm 325 m/min Art 238.2.1  DKK 2.900

Big tour –  Qual for Grand Prix Table A/Team comp with one jump off Pony Cat 3 95 cm Art. 265.2  DKK 2.900/3.600
Big tour Qual for Grand Prix Table A/Team comp with one jump off. Pony Cat 2 115 cm  265.2 DKK 2.900/3.600
Small tour: Pony Cat 3 90 cm 325 m/min Pony Cat 2 100 cm 325 m/min Art. 238.2.1 DKK 2.900

Grand Prix: Pony Cat 3 100 cm 325 m/min Pony Cat 2 120 cm 325 m/min Art. 238.2.2 DKK 4.000
Qualified for the Grand Prix are the best 100 athletes over both qualification in big tour Friday and big tour Saturday. If an athlete is qualified with more than 1 horse, the athlete decides which horse he will bring to the Grand Prix. Starting order will be the reverse of obtained points. 
Each pony/horse is only allowed to compete in one class per day. The athlete is allowed to start 3 ponies/horses in each class except from the Grand Prix where only one pony/horse is allowed. 
Qualified for the Grand Prix: Equipages, which have started and fulfilled the big tour Friday or Saturday. 
Team Competition: Cat 3 (130 cm) Each nation can set as many teams there are participants for incl. mixed teams are allowed. Cat 2 (140 cm) Each nation can set max. 2 teams, No mixed teams are allowed. 
The Big tour /team-competitions on Saturday include two competitions, one is an individual competition and the other one is a team competition, both competitions are judged after the same article, which is Art. 238.2.1. The athletes starting in a team will start first according to the drawing carried out by the OC. Each team consists of 4 athletes on 4 horses or 3 athletes on 3 horses. 1 athlete or horse can only start in one team per category. Declarations of starters is in accordance with article 126. Counting in the ranking of each team will only be the 3 best athletes, in this specific class there will only be one round and if not 3 athletes have passed the finishing line the whole team will not count. In case of equal penalties for places 1,2 and 3, there will be a jump off in the second round for one Team Member. If the team has more than one athlete for the individual jump off, the teams NATIONAL CHEF D’EQUIPE or substitute selects the athlete for the team in the jump off. In case there is a team in the jump off with no riders qualified for the jump off, the teams NATIONAL CHEF D’EQUIPE or substitute selects the athlete for the team in the jump off. This rider rides for the team only and is not a part of the individual jump off, as the rider brings the faults from the 1st round in the individually competition.  
Overall winner of the Baltic Cup 2020 The Baltic Cup 2020 is a through-going competition for athletes, with prizes consisting of gifts. Rules and Point system can be found at 

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